Sunday, April 17, 2011

If Lazy is a Good Enough Moniker for a Member of Bone, It's Also Good Enough for Me

“Last week I helped my friend stay put. It's a lot easier than helping someone move. I just went over to his house and made sure that he did not start to load his shit into a truck.” -- Mitch Hedberg

I am lazy.

I don’t know where I first acquired this attribute, but if you were to look up lazy in the dictionary, if dictionaries as we knew them still existed, huge and unwieldy with poor binding and pages made of the thinnest paper known to man, you would probably, in all actuality, not find a picture of anything at all. I have found in my time that pictures in dictionaries are few and far between, and usually illustrations were of animals and flora.

The amount of times I have started a new blog and then let it wither away is laughable. I have had blogs on,,, and (easily the most ill conceived. I was simply unaware Tumblr is a site more targeted at graphic design inclined folk. I am certainly not a member of that particular circle).

When the idea entered my mind yet again, I started by signing up for a Google profile, at which time it reminded me I had a blog at I had completely forgotten about it. It had one entry from October 2009 about Falcon Heene. Remember him? The kid who “pretended” to get in some weird home-made helium-powered super-balloon, only to actually be “hiding” in the garage…or attic…or really, he wasn’t hiding at all, so who cares what line of shit the family was trying to feed us.

Obviously I have decided to go back and resurrect this particular blog, and you can read said article if you feel so obliged. It’s not very timely, but it is pretty awesome.

Every time I consider starting one of these blogs, I stumble upon the same glaring question. “How many people really want to read me ramble somewhat incoherently about (insert random blog post idea here)?” Originally, I believed this number to be approximately, or perhaps even exactly, nobody. Luckily I have recently found the answer to this almost completely rhetorical question to be 42, a mostly important number in the grand scheme of Everything, and thusly I will accommodate those 42 people by writing and publishing blogs with fervor and diligence for the foreseeable future.

Or until I decide watching the entire 33-episode run of Buck Rogers (in the 25th century, no less) is more important than jotting down my idle musings about the loss of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Whichever comes first.

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